Saturday, 22 November 2008

Baby P's killers

Like most people I’ve been sickened this last few days or so reading the details of the horrific torture and subsequent murder of the poor little boy who goes by the name of Baby P.
How anybody could do this to anyone let alone a small defenceless child is beyond me.
What’s even more sickening though is that of the 3 people responsible for his death: the boy’s mother, the boyfriend and the lodger, the only one named is the lodger who also happens to be the boyfriends’ brother Jason Owen Barker. The identities of the mother and her boyfriend are barred from being revealed for reasons best known to the judge, no doubt it will infringe some human right or other.
But I mean if you really want to know who they are you could take a look here

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Traitorous Scum

Gordon Brown the traitorous leader of the traitorous labour party will today sign the EU constitution and surrender any remaining powers we still possess in regard to immigration.
Anyone who is now rejected for asylum will be able to appeal to the European court of justice in Strasbourg.
As well as costing us - the taxpayer - thousands it will also virtually guarantee (based on past history) that any failed asylum seeker will be given permission to remain in this country indefinitely.

This is 99% the same constitution (now strangely called a treaty, whatever that is) that the Labour party promised a referendum on when they were elected the last time around. And surprise, surprise we didn't get one.
Therefore proving themselves once again to be the set of lying B******s we all know they are.
Read the story here.

Friday, 28 September 2007

More Muslim on White racist attacks in Ravensthorpe

Question: When is a racist gang not a racist gang?
Answer: When they're Asian Muslims and the victims are white....
Apparently - according to Chief Inspector Jon Carter - they're a peer group!
Whatever one of those might be.
Two white men were attacked and robbed whilst out digging for bottles in woodland off Park Road in Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury by a gang of 30 Asians. The gang who call themselves the Ravey terror squad are responsible for a number of racist attacks on white people in the past 12 months or so.
Although when the Chief Inspector of Dewsbury police was asked by the Press about the attacks he was quick to come to the defence of the thugs and described them as a peer group that's become involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.
So that's ok then. Let's hope none of his friends of family have the misfortune of coming across this 'peer group' on a dark night.
It's absolutely disgraceful the disparity between the way the Police and the media deal with racist attacks on whites as opposed to when the peprpertrator is white.
Had this been a white gang of 30 men beating up an Asian it would have been on all the local news channels, in all the local papers with the Police bending over backwards to reassure the 'Community' and promising to do all they could to catch the perpetrators.
But as usual because the victim is white and we don't go out rioting when we have a grievance it doesn't seem to matter. Of course when the BNP mention such incidents we're making it up and exploiting peoples fears. The truth is we don't need to.
Perhaps if we started blocking off roads and the like when things don't go our way then maybe the Police would start protecting us in the same way that they currently reserve for immigrants.
Read the story here.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Our Sayeeda!

Another excellent article from regular contributor JP who discusses Sayeeda Warsi's meteoric rise through the Tory party ranks, despite her only being a member of the Party for 3 years. A rise completely down to the fact that she's female and muslim. Swings and roundabouts I suppose. No wonder the local Tory councillors are sulking!

Our Sayeeda

Go on, admit it - it makes you feel proud, doesn’t it? Dead proud. Following in the footsteps of Betty Boothroyd, another Dewsbury lass has made it big in politics: Arise Baroness Warsi of Warren Street (Savile Town).

There must be summat in t’Dewsbury water – eh Sayeeda?

Crowned life peer by Dave hug-a-hoody Cameron for her services to (to what exactly)…, Baroness Warsi (sic) is now a member of the shadow cabinet with special responsibility for community cohesion. If anyone can mend our broken society Baroness Warsi can.

However it was a shame that Sayeeda opted for the tradesman’s entrance rather than putting herself to the test via a general election. But no doubt she’s still smarting from the hiding she got last time care of Shahid (the martyr) Malik, Dewsbury’s discredited Labour MP. Then again if you can march straight into office without bothering to go through the electoral process just because you know people in high places… networking comes naturally to Sayeeda. Well naturally!

Baroness Warsi explained her reluctance to take on Malik at the next election thus, “There are people out there (i.e. Dewsbury Tory voters) who could not handle two ethnic minority candidates.” Our Sayeeda is “fiercely proud of her home town” (i.e. Dewsbury) and she felt that two ethnic minority candidates “…would lead to an increase in the Dewsbury vote, and I don’t want that for Dewsbury.” Selfless to the end, that’s Sayeeda.
But I get the feeling the baroness isn’t being straight with us. Although she implies that she made the decision not to stand, the reality is that local Tories told her that they’d stand a greater chance of winning the Dewsbury constituency if their candidate was white! Their argument was that “…Dewsbury and Mirfield voters did not want two ethnic minority candidates pitched against each other so soon after the bitter campaign of 2005.”

Presumably Sayeeda felt adequately compensated by Dave’s offer of a life peerage. So much for principle!

Interesting isn’t it that Sayeeda should go along with what is after all a ‘racist analysis’ for it suggests that white voters vote according to the race of the candidate. Yet our Sayeeda makes great play of her forthrightness. True to her Yorkshire roots (sic) she likes to call a spade a spade or a shovel even, and she ‘…says what she thinks even if it conflicts with policy.’ Sayeeda pulls no punches, “It is about time people were open and honest about what is going on,” she says. One wonders why then she’s not ‘open and honest about what’s going on’ – oh yes I forgot, that life peerage…

The Baroness is “…bursting with ideas on how to bring together communities,” but curiously she doesn’t tell us what those ideas are. My guess is she’s planning coffee and (halal) cakes mornings at the Markazi mosque in Savile Town.

But exactly what sort of a Conservative is Sayeeda? What exactly is it that she wants to conserve?

”Sayeeda has always been politically involved from her early college days when she was elected as the Vice President of the Student Union. She was
also instrumental in the launch of Operation Black Vote in West Yorkshire in 1996.
She has always had a keen interest in racial justice issues. For many years she
was an executive member of the Kirklees Racial Equality Council. She is also a
member of the extreme left wing Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust's Racial Justice Committee and regularly represents them at national conferences.
Sayeeda was born in Dewsbury in 1971 and was educated at Birkdale High School
and Dewsbury College, and then the University of Leeds where she read Law (LLB).
She attended the York College of Law to complete her Legal Practice Course and
trained both with the Crown Prosecution Service and the Home Office Immigration Department. Prior to her elevation to the Lords she was an immigration lawyer helping her fellow immigrants to secure their 'rightful' presence in our country.”

And according to an article she penned for the Asian newspaper Awaaz, Sayeeda argued that the tightening of anti-terrorist legislation has turned Britain into a ‘police state’. She went on to say that the anti-terror proposals were, “…enough to tip any normal young man into the reals of a radicalised fanatic.” It’s not their fault that they want to murder ordinary British people in their pursuit of a world-wide Islamic state, it’s our fault for opposing them.

Some Tory eh?

Read about 'our' Sayeeda here

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Markazi mosque

Interesting Editors comment in this weeks Press newspaper which refers to Monday's story in the Times newspaper which investigated a Muslim group that has its headquarters at the Markazi mosque in Savile Town in Dewsbury.
The group's ultimate aim- according to a 'shocked' Times reporter - is to convert the country and ultimately the world to Islam - not exactly a revelation bearing in mind that spreading the word of Islam , by force if necessary is what required of all 'good' Muslims and is sanctioned by Allah in black and white in their Holy book - The Koran.
No wonder Shahid Malik is so keen to try to shut the Press newspaper down which leads us to our next story regarding the front page lead which refers to Malik's decision to sue the Press newspaper because they printed a letter from Jonathan Scott the then prospective Conservative candidate for Dewsbury South who claimed in the letter to have been racially threatened by Malik's entourage outside a polling station.
Despite the letter appearing in the Labour supporting, arse licking Dewsbury Reporter as well as the Press Newspaper strangely enough only the Press are being sued in court.
Unfortunately for Malik even if he does manage to win this court case - which would be no surprise bearing in mind the political sympathies of most Judges - it can do him nothing but harm and will show his true colours and petty mindedness to those who voted for him the first time around.
Read the Editors comment here. (Scroll Down)
Read the story about Malik here

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Battlefield Tours

As I touched on last night, we at Kirklees Resistance have just returned from a tour of the First World War battlefields, graves and memorials on the Western Front of France and Belgium. It’s something that several companies do and is something that we would highly recommend to anyone interested and would especially recommend it to the idiots of the Labour Party and such extreme left groups as Kirklees Unity who have no concept of what it means to be British and are determined to destroy the native British people and culture by whatever means possible.

Anyway it’s a fascinating and in places moving experience especially when you hear of the many instances of personal sacrifice. It also invokes a sense of anger when you realise that a lot of the death could have been avoided had it not been for the fact that the men were led basically by stubborn, public school educated idiots who weren’t officers because of any tactical expertise but because of the fact that were of the right breeding.

I wonder how many of the British soldiers who served in the First World would need New Labour lessons in what it means to be British? The answer of course is none; they knew exactly what it meant and a lot of them paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Anyone thinking of going who maybe wants to pay their respects to a relative as we did can go on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site fill in the details of the relative and they will tell them the exact graveyard or memorial and plot where their relative is buried or commemorated.
Click here to go to the site

Monday, 10 September 2007

New postings soon

We've not posted a any stories for a few day as we've been away for a few days here at Kirklees Resistance HQ, visiting the First World War battlefields of the Western Front and paying our respects to those who gave so much, but we will be reporting on our experiences and bringing some new stories tomorrow.